10th CFAL (Campaign for a lane) Bike Event, Penang, Malaysia

Penang is not big. It is only 80 km to go around it. However, it is rich in a mixture of Chinese, Malay, and British cultures. Penang even has a world heritage site – George Town.
From the name - CFAL (Campaign for a lane), we can easily tell that the event started for a special purpose. 10 year ago, local Penang riders wanted to have cycle lanes so that they can ride in safety to explore their beautiful home island. Every year, they gather to appeal for the lane.
10 years later, the event grew bigger and bigger, and attracted riders from the vicinity countries, namely, Singapore, Thailand. And, they finally have a cycle path. (to be continued...)

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

In 2018, minister of finance joined the event, and city major cycled all 80 km route around Penang island. CFAL got a lot of support from local businesses and people. It is becoming an important annual cycling event in Southeast Asia.
FLCA participated the event for two years to observe the way they proceed, and to see how much progress they get each year on promoting bicycle friendly environment.

Key Outcome:
1. 5000 riders participated in the event.
2. Penang and the vicinity area have a very good potential for cycle tourism