2018 Changhua Bulau 191 (彰化不落191) Bike Day
Changhua is located in central Taiwan. The county was established in 1723. Therefore, there are a lot of historical sites (including temples, and old schools) in this area, and, makes it a perfect place for cycle tours. Traditional cuisine, sea food, pastry are famous local delicacies. Changhua is also home to hundreds of manufacturers of bicycle related components. Kenda, Maxxis, Merida, Jagwire, among others are all located in Changhua. It is a giant in the international bicycle manufacturing arena.
Changhua Bulau took place in June, and since the international dragon boat completion was held in July. Therefore, the theme of this event was “Happy Ride in Dragon Boat Festival”.

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

1. 1500 riders enjoy the event, and get to know the area
2. Local government sees the potential of the cycle tourism on local economy