2018 Chiayi Bulau 191 (嘉義不落 191) Bike Day
Chiayi Bulau was the last of Bulau series events of the year. Chiayi is located in the central part of Taiwan. It is known for the abundance of agricultural products, and for its beautiful mountain ranges. Tropic of Cancer passes through the County. The world known Ali Mountain, and Alisan Forest Railway (goes from 30 m to 2451m elevation) are also located in the county.
However, Chiayi Bulau did not take participants to the mountain ranges, instead, to historical, artistic, and agricultural attractions. About 1000 riders visited 16 special points of interest.
Again, Provincial Highway 19 and 1, the main roads, were basically avoided. The full course was 86 km, while the shorter fun ride route of 36 km was designed for family riders.

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

1. 1000 riders enjoy the event, and get to know the area
2. Local government sees the potential of the cycle tourism on local economy