2018 Hsinchu Bulau 115 (不落115) Bike Day

Hsinchu is a Hakka county nicknamed “Wind City” as it is very windy during winter time. Hsinchu Bulau took place in the end of April, very close to Mother’s Day. Therefore, the theme of the event was to have family members ride with mothers to celebrate Monther’s Day in a different way.
Highway 1 and 15 are the two main roads in the county. So, again, Hsinchu Bulau avoids these two main roads. We prefer exploring the area via small roads. County deputy governor showed up for the support, and 1800 riders finished 74 km of course. 23 local attractions including historical, cultural and natural interests were included in the course design.

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

1. 1800 riders enjoy the event, and get to know the area
2. Local government sees the potential of the cycle tourism on local economy