2018 Ping Tung Bulau 127 (不落127) Bike Day

Bulau is a year round bike event series held by Formosa Lohas Cycling Association (FLCA) in Taiwan. It is a non-racing, leisure-ride bike event, and encourages families to participate together. Bulau 127 means “not set foot on major highway 1 and highway 27”. The purpose of Bulau series is to encourage people to ride bicycle, and to explore the local communities by bicycle. There are two different riding courses in the event, one is the more challenging 80 km, and the other is about 25 km designed for less-experienced riders.
Ping Tung is the southern-most county of Taiwan. There are a lot of indigenous people living in the area. The event started with new year blessings from local chieftain. 1100 riders spent a whole day exploring the are

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

1. 1100 riders participated
2. 76 km of route
3. 19 local attractions
4. explored local culture, food, etc.