2018 Taoyuan Bulau 3 (桃園不落 3) Bike Day
Taoyuan City is situated in a mesa in northern Taiwan. Historically, irrigation was difficult in the area. Therefore, man-made ponds are everywhere to store water for agricultural purposes. But, irrigations canal system Taoyuan Bulau was held in September 30th. Autumn breeze combined with not so high temperature make it the best time of the year for bicycle rides in northern Taiwan. Picknicking and bicycle ride became the event theme of Taoyuan Bulau.
Taoyuan is complex in ethnic distribution. Hakka people occupy southern Taoyuan while Hoklo people in the north. Large influx of mainland Chinese gather in Taoyuan after 1949 big retreat from China. Recently, immigrants from southeast Asia settled down in Taoyuan because of job availability.

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

1. Approximately 70 km of route led to more than 21 interest points in Taoyuan Bulau. However, Provincial Highway 3, the main road, was basically avoided. A shorter fun ride route of 26 km was designed for family riders with small kids. 2100 riders finished the course.
2. Local government sees the potential of the cycle tourism on local economy