Evaluation of Cycle tourism in Yamagata Prefecture, Honshu, Japan

Yamagata Prefecture is located in the northeast part of Honshu island. It is known for mountain scenery, temples, agricultural land and hot spring. The prefecture government is assessing the possibility of introducing cycle tours to the area. FLCA cycle tour guides were invited by Yamagata local government to help evaluate the potential of cycle tourism.
In the five day trip, we found the area astonishingly rich in tourism attractions. They can be reached by hiking and cycling. Staying in the hotel and soaked in a 1000 year old hot spring can be as enjoyable.
FLCA guides wrote a concise report, and released the information about the trip on social media.

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

1. Evaluated the potential for cycle tourism in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
2. The area is really a wonder land for both cross-country and paved-road cycle tours.