Forum on Slow Mobility in Taipei City
Taipei has been evolving from a car-centered transportation city into a more green oriented city in the last 20 years.
Since the introduction of MRT system about 20 years ago, and public bicycle system – U Bike into the city transportation network in about 10 years ago, both Taipei city government and the residents have seen the potential of an alternative way of moving around in the city.
With more and more people embrace bicycle for daily transportation, more and more conflict and issues submerge. FLCA has seen the need to emphasize the importance of bicycle use and to foresee the inherent problems. Therefore, together with Advanced Public Transportation Research Center in National Taiwan University, FLCA organized a Forum on Slow Mobility in Taipe

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

About ten interested groups were present in the forum, and Director Chen of Transportation Department in Taipei City Government was invited to give a speech on the city government policy on the issue. Discussion session followed the presentation.
It has not been a one-way talk. Instead, the participating parties were all experienced groups who has real-life experience on improving transportation status in the city.
The government looked at the problem from the policy side. NGOs provide detail observations from the grass root level.