Wind Chaser Bicycle Camp for Autism Children

Kids with Autism normally have problem in communication, social interaction and sensory integration. And, it is more difficult for them to learn how to ride a bike, and to understand the traffic rules.
In cooperation with Foundation for Autistic Children and Adults in Taiwan, FLCA organized the bike camp to help these kids learn how to ride bike, and to learn to follow the traffic rules.
Extra patience was needed from the instructors from FLCA, and much more practice was needed by these kids to master the skills. But, after three days of camp, the kids left with skills and knowledge, and, best of all, big smiles.
Winter and summer camps were held in 2018.

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

1. 10 kids participated in the winter camp, and 20 more in the summer camp.
2. All kids learned to ride bike better, and learned the traffic rules.