The World Cycling Alliance welcomes two members from opposite ends of the world, enriching the WCA network with diversity in experience, activities and ambitions. We Ride Australia (AU) and Aromeiazero Institute (BR) join the WCA network following approval of their applications by the WCA Steering Board meeting last month in Rio de Janeiro.
We Ride Australia (AU)

We Ride Australia builds on nearly 20 years of national advocacy to empower decision makers and inspire all Australians to choose cycling. As an independent voice in Australia, they are working to: Secure the policies, infrastructure and programs to ensure cycling contributes to healthy, safe and enjoyable mobility for all; Build the case for investment in infrastructure; Disseminate evidence and data to support the role of cycling in community and national agendas; Present the positive, healthy and safe reality of daily cycling across the country by children, adults and seniors from all walks of life.

A quick chat with WRA:

What are the main areas of activity of WRA?

We Ride Australia builds on 20 years of advocacy working with partners and other national peak bodies and bicycle organisations, to secure the policies, infrastructure and programs that ensure cycling contributes to healthy, safe and enjoyable mobility throughout Australia.

We are a strong national independent voice for cycling with membership on key Ministerial Councils and reference groups and foundational roles in national peak parliamentary lobby groups. Key events and initiatives:

• Australian Bicycle Summit, annual national event

• Cycling Luminaries Awards, national awards program, since 2002

• Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities, foundation supporting partner since 2014

• Parliamentary cycling group, Riders on the Hill, organiser/convenor since 2003

• Marketing & promotion, eg. Canberra Transport Photo, 2012 (see below). Used with permission at least 63 times in 18 countries around the World (to date!).

Why did you join the World Cycling Alliance?

As a national non-Government charitable organisation dedicated to bicycle advocacy in Australia we understand the additional strength that strong, committed partnerships bring to our work.

We Ride Australia has an unequalled twenty-year record in working cooperatively in alliances across sectors and industries to support common objectives. We sought membership of the World Cycling Alliance to join with its members in bringing added international knowledge, expertise and power to our work for cycling in Australia and internationally.

What are you most looking forward to gaining from your WCA membership?

We look forward to adding the power of a major international cycling network to the work we do. Building on our existing relationships we hope to increase the exchange of knowledge and progress to our common aim, promoting the use of the bike.

L-R, Stephen Hodge, Hon Bernie Ripoll MP, Shadow Minister for Finance Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Mr Rind

Aromeiazero is an organization that promotes the bicycle as an instrument of social, cultural and personal transformation. The bicycle is seen as a democratic tool for citizen empowerment, used to break paradigms and bring autonomy, freedom and happiness for everyone who relates to the bicycle. Aro’s mission is to promote the complete vision of the bicycle, as means of transportation, an artistic expression, work, leisure, sports and as well as a tool to change the way of life and the relations in urban centers and rural communities.

A quick chat with Aromeiazero:

What are the main areas of activity of Aro?

We choose work with the bike because of the wide range of areas and themes that it allows approaching. Our main areas (always changing and reviewing) are social entrepreneurship, accessibility, pedagogy, community involvement, culture, more democratic cities, leisure, and volunteering.

Why did you join the World Cycling Alliance?

One of our main values and means of action is through partnerships. Join a network of potential partners from the whole world is very important in our strategy to have our work spread all over the globe – and get more support for what we do in Brazil.

What are you looking forward to getting from your WCA membership?

We want to learn a lot from different organizations from different parts of the world. We also want to show that countries in development are rich in solutions and vibrant ideas. We always thought about our work to be performed elsewhere in the world. We want to join forces and show to the whole world the transformative potential that the bicycle has.

Project: Viver de bike fest

We welcome the new members to the WCA family and we are looking forward on working together to promote cycling.