The CFE- certification scheme was developed to establish a European standard for cycle friendly companies. It is intended to help European companies improve the situation for employees that cycle to work. As an acknowledgement for their effort these companies receive the certificate “cycle-friendly employer”. The project consortium consists of:
ECF, FGM AMOR (Austrian Mobility Research), CTC (Cyclists’ Touring Club Charitable Trust), ADFC (German Cyclists' Federation), UIRS (Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia), Paragon Europe (MT), BCA (Bulgarian Cycling Association), NMCU (Nantes Métropole), SinBic (Cyclists' Union), AGR (Green Revolution Association), FIAB Italian Federation Friends of Bicycle), Fietsersbond (Dutch Cyclists Union), DCF (Danish cyclist federation).

Key Deliverables / Outcomes

The main objective of Bike2Work is to encourage a significant modal shift from motorized commuting to cycling. Using a two-fold approach it targets both employees’ behaviour through Bike2Work campaigns, and encourages employers to meet the needs of cyclists. The result is bicycle-friendly employers and employees’ using a more sustainable form of commuting: cycling! Bike2Work uses this two-fold approach because we know that the bicycle-friendliness of an employer has a proven effect on the number of employees cycling to work and vice-versa. So the complementary implementation of these two tools leads to maximum success for shifting the modal share towards cycling