Europafietsers (EF) is an organisation of donors and volunteers. A number of 200 volunteers spend their time with informing and stimulating people to spend their holidays cycling through all parts of Europe. EF has developed about 20 long distance cycleroutes through France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and other countries. These routes are sold as booklets in travel-bookshops in the Netherlands and Belgium. EF has also developed the so called European Fietsweb, which contains all long distance cycleroutes from Holland to other countries, which are published in Dutch books, to compare with the well-known Bikeline booklets (so the Fietsweb contains not only our own routes, but also routes from other organisations), The Fietsweb includes also the connections between these routes (and a number of EV-routes as well!). Note that our books contain maps, navigation-instructions,, camping lists, B&B-lists, hotels, height-profiles, touristic information, photo’s etcetera.
EF is known as an important knowledge centre about cycling holidays in the Netherlands.