Slovenský cykloklub is a civil association, which operates on the whole territory of the Slovak republic. It has been registered with the Interior Department of the Slovak Republic in 1994. In 1997 it has become a corporate member of ECF on the ECF Meeting in Maribor (Slovenia). It has got, as the only one organization in Slovakia, the Slovakian state accreditation of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic for the area of „marking the cycle routes”. It is an educational institution, which prepares accredited specialists on this field.

The main activities and targets of the SCK are:

Supporting of traveling on bicycle and the creation of marked cycle routes network in Slovakia, as well as coordination of all these activities. SCK keeps registered records of cycle routes in Slovakia, gives them the colors and numbers, it is the general partner for marking the legal permitted cycle routes for cartographical companies in Slovak and Czech Republic. It represents the Slovakian interests abroad and interconnects the Slovakian cycle network with other subjects with surrounding countries.

SCK has started in Slovakia from the beginning from nothing as the leader of this activity. During the entire time of its operation it has filed or solved many projects, where more than 20 have been paid from European sources (European Union foundations) and tenths of other from domestic sources.

Two of them have been very important for Slovakia „hard europrojects” – Cyklopanoráma Záhorie a Cyklotrasy v Slovensko-českom pohraničí, which carrier has been the SCK. Thanks to these projects, the foundations have been laid to the theme of marking and building the cycle routes in Slovakia. Inter alia the Slovakian technical standard STN 01 8028 – Cycle routes marking have been worked out from the project sources. It has been executed in such a good quality, that it is in effect until today without any changes. Further, the documentations, the realization of the legalization process for app. 3000 km of cycle routes in Slovakia and app. 1000 km of cycle routes in Czech Republic have been made and marked in the terrene. Two cycle bridges have been built, too. Today the cycle routes network in Slovakia measures around 10 000 km.

The cycle routes are divided to routes for mountain bicycles and routes for road bicycles. They are marked by “C” painted marks and by cycle touristic orientation elements – mainly signs. There are 4 colors – red is for long distance cycle artery, blue, green and yellow are regional cycle routes. Planned are also 3 long distance parts of Eurovelo – Nos. 6, 11 and 13 through Slovakia. Quality and frequency of the network is individual according to regions, furnishing of cycle routes is also very individual. There are regions, where the network is marked very well with a little cycle infrastructure (places for relaxation, maps, sight boards), but there are also regions, where is not a single kilometer of a cycle route.

Example activities

The main problem in Slovakia in the support of movement on bicycle, of the building and maintenance of the cycle network is complete disinterest of the state for this theme, as well as insufficiency of the mutual communication and cooperation of organizations active on this area. Nowadays we have addressed our requests to municipality regions (there are 8 in Slovakia), where we have been successful after 2 years of negotiation in ilina. This municipality region is the leader in travel supporting in Slovakia. It is the leader in the length of cycle touristic routes and walking tours in Slovakia, 25% of Slovakian both mentioned tour networks are in this region. We have found a cooperation model, legal and property rights have been solved. A contract for 3 years have been signed about the general support of renewal and building of cycle routes network and walking tours in this region. The project is also covered financially for years 2009-2011.

News on this field of cycle routes in Slovakia in the coordination of SCK is the building of theme cycle routes (Hradná cesta – Castle route), cycle routers dedicated to regions and personalities (the Tree of ofia Bošniakova, Cycle circle of Bátorička). Implementation of modern and digital technologies into the production of cycle marking elements is also new. Result of this is f. e. the application of so-called picture signs, such as the production of so-called “image places”. The negative on this field in Slovakia is the road-toll system for trucks on highways and 1. class roads, what have caused, that the trucks have started to use quiet II. and III. class roads. On these roads is quite big part of cycle routes. Higher accent must be put on the security of cycle tourists on cycle routes.