MUBi has a vision of Portugal with a quality of life, where a harmonious coexistence between the bicycle and the various mobility options contributes to a universally accessible, pleasant and safe public space in a society that is solidary, responsible, responsible and sustainable.

In this vision, which conceives the integration in intermodal systems of the various forms of transport, the existence of safety conditions and the defense of those who adopt smooth means of movement, the individual option for the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation arises, naturally, socially acceptable, legally protected and culturally integrated in Portuguese society.


MUBi’s mission is to help create the conditions for anyone to use the bicycle as a vehicle in an easy, pleasant, efficient and safe way, and the benefits of this option are widely recognized.


The objectives of MUBi are:

  • Publicize, defend and extend the legal rights of bicycle users , helping to create fair and decent legal conditions in the public space.
  • Promote the adoption of rules that integrate and protect users of smooth modes of movement , particularly cyclists, as a means of balancing road traffic conflicts between motor vehicles and the more fragile condition of soft mode users.
  • To defend the creation, remodeling and strengthening of structural conditions favorable to the use of bicycles as vehicles , in particular:
    • For practical and safe circulation.
    • For parking and storage.
    • For learning and improving driving.
  • To defend the status and dignity of the bicycle due to its sustainability and energy efficiency, reduced environmental impacts and as a promoter of quality of life in urban centers.
  • Defend the recognition of the bicycle as part of the transit , other users of public roads and the agents of authority.
  • To inform civil society about the advantages of using the bicycle in relation to other mobility options , in particular as a transport vehicle in small and medium-sized urban distances, but also in suburban, long-distance and long-distance journeys.
  • Help to create effective conditions for intermodality between the bicycle and other modes of transport , in particular public transport.
  • To act as an active interlocutor in contacts with the media, politicians, technicians and civil society on issues related to accessibility and mobility in general , and in particular on issues related to cycling.
  • Act constructively in the creation, analysis and discussion of strategic documents related to accessibility and mobility , including regulations, laws, strategies and plans, advocating the integration of the bicycle as a vehicle in transportation and circulation systems.
  • To act constructively in the discussion and elaboration of projects and decision-making bodies that have as their objective the management of transportation and circulation systems in public spaces , such as the Central Government, the Assembly of the Republic, Metropolitan Transport Authorities, and others.
  • Promote and encourage coordination and collaboration among all entities with objectives that are compatible and compatible with those of MUBi .