The role of the Bicycle Advocacy Group is to be an advocate to all those who cycle in Malta, be it children, athletes, commuters and those using it for commercial or practical purposes. We are doing our utmost to encourage more people to use the bicycle by raising awareness of its feasibility, health benefits and the fun it gives people who ride it.

We are increasingly also becoming a strong lobby group, liaising with the authorities and other NGOs to consider cycling as an alternative and sustainable mode of transport, and to design better and safer infrastructure which facilitates cycling. We truly believe that using a bicycle in Malta is one great way of keeping fit, reducing the carbon emissions, decreasing traffic congestions and arriving to one’s destination on time without any hassle of traffic jams and parking. All our members are testament to this as they have all integrated cycling in their own lives and their passion for cycling is slowly but surely rubbing off on others. As a community, we are keen to support others to take this journey with us, and through our diverse experiences and expertise we may indeed be able to help you get on that bicycle and start pedalling.