Founded in 2008 in Türkiye, our association is working on developing / spreading out bicycle culture and intercommunication between cyclists. The main focus is on urban cycling and cyclists’ rights in traffic as a non-governmental organization all over Türkiye.

For this purpose, the association organized several cycling activities in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations, resulting in many cycling movements.

With 260 principal members, 100.000 honorary members and 50 representative offices, BISIKLET DERNEĞI is the leader of Turkish Cycling Community.

Our main goals are:

  • To be a powerful, influential organization that protects and advances the interests of cyclists
  • To educate cyclists about safely sharing roadways and paths
  • To be a voice for the needs of cyclists
  • To encourage the creation of on-road and off-road places to ride
  • Promoting the benefits of cycling for both recreation and commuting
  • To encourage more people to bicycle more oft​


Example Activities:

  • Intercontinental Istanbul bike trip
  • Bicycle Festival
  • Bicycle tours offered every weekend inclusive families
  • Cycling activities with foreign visitors
  • Attending to local and international exhibitions for promoting cycling
  • Bicycle trainings