The purposes of the Bulgarian Cycling Association are:

Development and establishment of the physical culture through cycling sport; establishment and popularization of cycling as a major factor for healthy, physical and intellectual development and improvement of people
Supporting personal realization through active sport, organization of cycling tours in the country and abroad
Construction and maintenance of a national network of cycling lanes, cycling tracks and cycling sectors on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
Maintenance of the existing cycling lanes and tracks
Laying road marking (road signs) on the existing and newly-built cycling lanes and tracks; creation of a GPS coordinates map of cycling lanes and tracks, accessible in the internet; creation and supporting of an internet site
Establishment of cycling centers close to the cycling lanes with the purpose of repair, maintenance and renting of bicycles, information activities
As well as means to achieve these goals and namely: establishment of contacts with similar clubs within the country and abroad; holding seminars, lectures, caesuras, discussions, exhibitions
Participation in other associations, sport federations and other such organizations
Procurement of financing for the activities from various funds and organizations; information activities; publishing advertising brochures.
Short Summary

The Association is managed by a supreme collective body – General Assembly and Management Board consisting of: Evgeniy Apostolov Apostolov, Vladimir Nikolov Vladimirov, Nataliya Tomova Dimitrova, and shall be represented by the Chairman of the Management Board EVGENIY APOSTOLOV APOSTOLOV.