ConBici is an association (federation) of 57 cycling advocacy and environmental organisations. ConBici is a non-profit organisation under the Spanish law.

Purpose of the Organisation

– Promote the use of the bicycle as a mean of transportation and leisure
– Promote urban, interurban cycling and cycling tourism
– Recognise the right of cycling in safe conditions and promote road safety
– Advocacy for building new and better infrastructure and the necessary measures to make cycling safer
– Promote intermodality between bicycle and other transport modes (train, bus, etc.) Defend the interest of the cyclists and consumers of service associated to cycling. Promotion of training, social integration specially of young people-.

In general, improve the quality of life, environment, socialcultural promotion, solidarity and the defence of social interests of people mobility.


ConBici works on different areas (e.g. of ongoing activities):

Road safety: Creation of a commission in the Spanish Parliament to discuss about the reform of the Spanish road safety code. A lobby work that stopped the project idea of mandatory helmet law for cyclists in Spain. The creation of a National Cycling plan for Spain, bikes on the train and bike to school. You can find more information about ConBici activities on our website.