Our main objective is to promote cycling and make Sweden into a true cycling nation. We work both at the local and national level promoting a better environment, health and traffic safety. The association facilitates cycle tourism and organises international cycling holidays abroad, a national cycle tourism week and hundreds of local cycle excursions. We cooperate and engage in dialogue with local, regional and national authorities on infrastructure planning and cycling policy issues.

The association is responsible for supervision of national cycle paths which coincide with the Euro Velo network. Through our magazine “Cykling”, website and facebook, we give members and the general public tips on cycle equipment and cycle paths. The association awards the “Cycle of the Year”, “Cycle Municipality of the Year” and “Cycling Advocate of the Year”.

The Swedish Cycle Advocacy Association wants to rejoin ECF as a full member in order to be an active part of the European cycling movement, to contribute to better situation for cyclists and cycling across Europe and at the same time inspire and strengthen our own domestic cycle advocacy work. Increased exchange of ideas with other user organizations will stimulate and enrich our own member activities and expose new opportunities for our members to develop and enjoy European cycling.

Short Summary

The Swedish Cycle Advocacy Association (CF) started in 1934 and is the largest and mains cycle users’ association in Sweden. Our nearly 6000 members are spread all around the country and are organised in some 30 local branches. These branches, based on the number of members, send delegates to the national annual meeting where the president, governing board and other national association posts are elected. Local branches have as well annual meetings and elect their president, board members as well as branch delegates to attend the national annual meeting. The main source of funds of the association comes from the members’ own annual membership fees. The association is based in Stockholm and its office is in Helsingborg.

Example activities

  • Member journal, four issues per year
  • Preasure group for cyclists
  • Arrange annual Cycle Tourist Week
  • District activities include various bicycle events like bike tours and contacts with local governements