The Danish Cyclists’ Federation is a member-based lobby organization fighting for the rights of Denmark’s 4,5 million cyclists (Total population of Denmark: 5,6 million).Through a wide array of activities and targeted political lobbyism, we create better conditions, better safety and better experiences for cyclists. Each year more than 300,000 people, children and adults alike, take part in our nationwide campaigns – Bike to School, Bike to Work, Lights On and Great Bicycle Day.

Short Summary

Danish Cyclists’ Federation is one of the oldest cyclist organisations in Europe. The main goal of the organisation has always been to strengthen the cycling culture in Denmark. We assisted the introduction of traffic rules in 1910. From the 1960s car traffic grew fast  and so did the concerns for the environmental costs and the rising numbers of traffic accidents. For a while the Danish Cyclists Federation joined the battle against cars.

Nowadays our work is not against cars, but for the happy coexistence between different ways of transportation  with the wish for a healthy and sustainable development of the Danish transport sector as guideline. Cycling should be a safe, fun, easy and obvious choice everywhere in Denmark.