The Romanian Cyclists´ Federation (FBR) consists of local bicycle organisations from different cities in Romania. FBR is led by the General Assembly (AG – the supreme decision body, consisting of 1 delegate for each member organisation, meeting at least once every year), and a Management Committee (CD – president and 4 vice-presidents, each representing a different member organisation, elected for a mandate of 2 years). The president is the executive head and legal representative of the FBR. The internal control and audit is provided by an internal auditor (“cenzor”) elected by the AG from candidates proposed by member organisations that are not represented in the CD.

FBR is based entirely on voluntary workand has no own staff yet.

Short Summary

FBR is a national registered non-profit federation who aims to promote the bicycle as an everyday means of transport and as a recreational vehicle. FBR is mainly an advocacy organisation for public benefit, and secondary a structure for support and mutual help for its member organisations and for protection of their interests.

Example activities

Lobby on the Romanian Parliament, Government and different ministries and national authorities in the favour of everyday cycling and recreational cycling, media campaigns, public events, annual national bike conferences, consultancy for local authorities etc.