Flemish Cycling Embassy is a knowledge centre, where local authorities share experience in cycling policy and exchange good practises or measures that promotes cycling. Flemish Cycling Embassy invests in practical research and disseminate results of new developments in cycling. Flemish Cycling Embassy is embedded within the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities, an association without purpose of gain (VVSG vzw). All 308 Flemish local authorities are a member the organization.

Aim of Flemish Cycling Embassy:

Flemish Cycling Embassy is a knowledge center for cycling policy. It stimulates each policy that promotes cycling in a broad sense. The objective of Flemish Cycling Embassy is the development, dissemination and exchange of practical knowledge of cycling policy. The starting point are the needs of civil servants and policy makers who are active at the local level. The embassy operates essentially at a practical level: building knowledge, sharing practical examples and experience among local authorities. The aim is that Flemish cities and municipalities become more sustainable and livable places.