Our organization is to provide opportunities, promotion and education for all levels of cycling. We encourage and support the leisure cycling activities, and the healthier lifestyle, means of transportation and as a participatory and spectator sport. Also, we provide a social group in which individuals interested in all aspects of bicycling may participate. Meanwhile, we organize four big bicycling activities a year with total of 10,000 cyclists to join to advocate a bikeway and country road cycling campaign, and guide people a safe cycling tour with environmentally friendly attitude. Hold workshop to encourage members travel by train, bus, bicycle whenever possible.


  • Provide proper recreational activities for enthusiasts;
  • Advocate and promote bike riding activities;
  • Regularly hold bike-associated activities;
  • Assist in holding group ride activities for organizations and communities;
  • Incubate cycling talented personnel;
  • Assist in and supervise national or regional cycling competitions;
  • Provide information and expertise to improve cycling related equipment and other related issues ;0
  • Advocate green traveling; and,
  • Conduct cycling lectures and train related personnel