Foreningen Frie Fugle (“Free Birds” Association), Denmark is a multidisciplinary consultancy company with more than 30 years of experience with projects dealing with ecological and sustainable practices, agriculture, environmental issues and outdoor life. Our aim is to promote an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable development of society – nationally as well as internationally.

Short Summary

Foreningen Frie Fugle were born in 1982. From our office in the centre of Copenhagen, professional consultants and freelancers with different backgrounds such as agronomists, engineers, architects, horticulturalists, landscape architects work on a wide range of projects covering areas such as bicycle planning, bicycle tourism and other outdoor activities, garden planning, landscape management and sustainable agriculture. We also work with IT solutions and function as secretariat for various projects and programs.

Example activities

Foreningen Frie Fugle developed the “Tent sites for Cyclists” concept in Denmark and administrate almost 800 tentsites for cyclists and other non-motorized travellers in Denmark, in co-operation with other organisations. Read more at

Foreningen Frie Fugle have been deeply involved in the development, planning and marketing of the national cycle routes in Denmark which has now existed for more than 10 years. We have set up the idea of European cycle route network and have manage the EuroVelo project during many years until ECF took over. We are now active partners in the EuroVelo project and also in other international organisations. On top of this, we organise bicycle trips inside and outside Denmark among others offered to the around 300 supporting members of De Frie Fugle.

You can get more information about all signposted cycle-routes in Denmark in the booklet “CykelGuide The Danish National Cycle Network” which you can order directly from our website.