Green Revolution Association was founded in 2009 and it is the first nongovernmental organization of urban ecology from Romania that applies measures for building a greener city.

Green Revolution has set high standards in making long term changes:

– The first dimension of the association’s is an active one that puts its stamp on education, involvement and creating a durable urban community.
– The second dimension of the association’s projects targets constructive dialogue development between the private and public sectors, between authorities and the civil society.
In its five year existence, Green Revolution Association proved that imagination, energy and enthusiasm of a young team have had the capacity to develop local and national projects of impact, with visible and quantifiable results.


Through its projects, Green Revolution Association promotes and supports:
– economical and ecological transport measures and solutions
– using bicycle as means of alternative transportation, accomplishing bicycle runway systems – Ivelo and Studentobike are the biggest bike sharing systems in Romania, with over 800.000 direct users in the last 3 years, Bycles with ties to promote bike sharing among employees. Other numerous project and conferences regarding mobility management
– electrical cars
ecological education and the respect for the environment
– commercial Package Waste Selective Collection
adopting a responsible behaviour towards the environment for:
– authorities
– private and state companies, we support and promote green businesses, including creating green jobs
-environment legislative projects
-protecting and expanding green areas inside and outside cities
-green and healthy lifestyle
-bio products, healthy nutrition
-eco solutions and technology destined for mass consumption
-green buildings
-decreasing the consumption of raw material and energy (private and industry)