The Izmir Bicycle Association  was founded in 2007 for educational and charitable purposes and is a non profit, non governmental organization . We aim to inspire and support people and communities to enjoy greater freedom and well-being through cycling. We envision a state where people of all ages see cycling as an enjoyable, practical and safe activity and transportation option, and where all use the roads, motorists and cyclists, respect and appreciate each other’s use.

We are looking forward to cooperate with other ECF member organizations in international projects.

Short Summary:

Our main goals are:

•     To be a powerful, influential organization that protects and advances

the interests of cyclists

•     To educate cyclists about safely sharing roadways and paths

•     To be a voice for the needs of cyclists

•     To encourage the creation of on-road and off-road places to ride

•     promoting the benefits of cycling for both recreation and commuting

•     To encourage more people to bicycle more often

Example Activities:

IBA is working closely with the municipality of Izmir for cycling safety and bicycle awareness programs.  We co-organize bicycle festivals with clubs, communities and schools and ask  their contribution to a bicycle friendly Izmir.

–     Bicycle tours offered every weekend inclusive families

–     Cycling activities with foreign visitors

–     Attending to local& international exhibitions for promoting cycling

–     Supporting Euro-Velo Coordinator in Turkey on a regional basis

–     Bicycle Trainings