We are the only bike association in North Cyprus. The Bike Lovers Association was established by Mr.Huseyın Akcan and Mrs.Serife Akcan with their different educated friends in 2009. Mr Huseyın Akcan was a famous cyclist when he was a child and teenager. He is a sport teacher, he was trainer, referee end North Cyprus Cycling Federation Present, Bike World programmer on television in North Cyprus..

Now he is a Present of Bike Lovers Association. Mrs.Serife Akcan is the first national woman cyclist ın North Cyprus. She had lots of decree and champions in her cycle life. She is a teacher ,bike trainer and bike referee. Mr. and Mrs. Akcan are directors of the Akcan Bike Shops. Akcans did lots of journey because of mtb races, road races, bike festivals etc … and they saw bike culture, bike roads from the other countries. After these they decided to set up Bike Lovers Association. They joined Velo City Meeting in SEVİLLA IN 2011 and understood that Bike Lovers Association must be join ECF. Bike Lovers Association assemble at Akcan Bike Shops for planning and discusses organizations.
Akcan Bike Shops give support to Bike Lovers Association.

Our members are from different parts of the public. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, lecturers, engineers…