The Latvian Cyclists’ Union is a non-profit organization linking up both legal and physical persons with a common goal to promote every day and recreational cycling as a convenient, environment- friendly and healthy means of transport.  It is the largest association defending the rights of everyday cyclists on political level. It’s recognized as an expert organization by the Ministry of Transport in road safety and by the Municipality of Riga in cycling transport infrastructure.

Example activities
•    Elaboration/ working as experts on elaboration of political documents concerning cycling transport infrastructure- development programmes and standards.
•    Workshops on cycling infrastructure e.g. standards to local city councils. Cooperation with the “Latvian State Roads” by providing training for road designers and infrastructure project supervisors. Cooperation with “Latvian Railway” about improving the railway crossing infrastructure for cyclists.
•    Developing routes and working as experts on elaboration of cycling infrastructure for municipalities.
•    Organization of annual Riga Cycling Conference.
•    Collaboration with GAS “Traffic of Riga” about cancelling a fee to transport bicycle in public transport.
•    Collaboration with Road Traffic Safety Directorate by assisting in campaigns promoting the safety of cyclists.
•    We are members of the State Road Safety Council (the highest road safety structure in the state chaired by the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Interior) and Riga Municipality Cycling Infrastructure Transport Work- Group.
•    Preparation of educative materials on road traffic rules for children in schools, reading road traffic rules courses in schools.
•    Workshops to the State and Municipal police about bicycle security, cycling safety and cyclists’ psychology. Initiative and support to create a Register of Bicycles under Road Traffic Safety Directorate which facilitates to identify the owner of the bicycle.
•    Presenting regular radio and TV shows on cycling such as “Cycling World”, “Cycling News”, “The fourth lane”, “On bikes”.
•    Attribution of status “Friendly to Cyclists” to city councils, manufactures of equipment for cyclists and cycling infrastructure.
•    Development of cycling routes and paths map of Latvia available online on