“Latvijas Velo informacijas centrs” (VIC) was founded as cycling information centre, who at the same time organizes tours for cyclists in all the Europe. Now VIC is the main leading cyclists NGO in Latvia who participates in decision making proceses in stete level on cycling issues.

Short Summary

As the main task for VIC is cycling promotian and as the result of it was opened the bicycle messenger service, whic at the moment is the bigest in Latvia. The Idea was that we should show to the society that it is possible to cycle in crowded streets of the capital where are not cycle routs. And the best way how to promote it, is to cycle every day, all the time. Now the VIC bike messengers make approximately 1000 bike trips per day.

Example activities

  • Participation in decision making in the State tourism department and local councils
  • Cycle trips
  • Biking skills competitions
  • Initiatives for organising urban bicycle traffic
  • Participation in the EuroVelo project
  • Tourist guides
  • BaltiCCycle
  • Member of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)
  • Bicycle messenger service.