A Board is elected in January for one year by the General Assembly. The board elects its president, vice-president, secretary and cashier. The board decides on all matters during the year and reports to the General Assembly. The Organization has individual and Family Members and a membership with a reduced fee for Students and jobless people.

Short Summary

The LVI is a non-profit organisation which aims to improve safety conditions for cyclists in daily life. The bicycle is a modern response to chaotic traffic, air pollution and harmful noise in the agglomerations. We have regular contacts with the competent authorities and have worked out studies and concepts for the cycle traffic. In complement, the LVI promotes leisure cycling. Our meetings are held at the address at the top of this page. You are always welcome.

Example activities

We give advice to authorities on cycling infrastructure and cycling problems. We edit the only luxemburgish Map with a complete overview of the National Cycling Network. We publish our ‘LVI-Info’ 4 times a year and a printed calendar of leisure cycling activities. We have a a track for children’s cycling education. We help promoting an alternative mobility.