As the affiliated organization of ECF (established in 2002), the HCC is the most significant civil organization in the Hungarian cycling society. Five employees at the office in Budapest coordinate its work. The number of members is continuously increasing, the Club has built up a network of local activist bodies all around the country, and it organizes volunteer professionals into working groups for infrastructure, communication, education, etc., thus creating an effective matrix of local and professional knowledge in every field related to cycling.

Short Summary

The main goal of its activity is to popularize the cyclist transport, raise its significance, create its culture, in favor of which it takes active role in the connecting government decision preparation and participates in traffic and urban development planning preparation and realization. Its strong lobbying force efficiently represents the cyclists and its useful services helps them.

Example activities

It is an important actor in Hungarian public life: it has been working with several municipalities in Hungary for years now. In these cooperations the HCC helps to reach high professional standard primarily by sharing its professional experience.

Its name hallmarks a number of cyclist events, amidst which is Critical Mass, which in Budapest has outgrown into the biggest mass event stirring several 10 thousand people in the CEE region. The event has transformed itself into the I Bike Budapest movement, a once-a-year bike parade with a year-around available activist base to demonstrate in case needed. The Critical Mass movement however still keeps growing in multiple countryside towns in Hungary. The HCC organization took part in various EU funded projects about cycling promotion: LifeCycle, Active Access, Greenbikes for Peace, just to name a few.
Currently it runs several awareness raising campaigns, e.g. Share the Road (in cooperation with the National Police), Bike to Work, Bike to School, Shop by Bike. It also has on-hand traffic training programs, and it promotes cycling tourism as well.

The HCC emphasizes the need of professional international communication and knowledge sharing, that’s why it communicates and collaborates with foreign cyclist civil organizations in various projects and participates in conferences.