Miasta Dla Rowerów (Cities For Bicycles) was established in 1995 as an informal platform for cooperation between local cycling groups in Poland. Until 2011 it worked informally and as a project of Polish Ecological Club – (Friends of The Earth Poland). As of end of 2011 it is a registered association. We are currently still in organizational phase, with full members and supporting membership (other organizations).


The flagship project is the reform of the legal framework for cycling in Poland. In 2011, Highway Code was changed introducing pro-cycling changes long lobbied for by Cities For Bicycles. Changes in ministerial regulations are under way. Nationwide public participation project was implemented on behalf of Cities For Bicycles by Wrocławska Inicjatywa Rowerowa (one of associate groups). Technical guidelines for cycling infrastructure were implemented by many local governments. In 2006, a 3 million US dollar project co-funded by the Global Environment Facility was implemented in the City of Gdańsk jointly with Cities For Bicycles.