Foundation established in 1991. Member of international Association Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development in Central and Eastern Europe. Providing financial and technical assistance to local NGO´s and municipalities in an open grant scheme or through its assistance programs such as Greenways, Mobility 21,Public Spaces, Tree Planting and Sustainable Development in Schools. The Greenways program has a grant and technical assistance components which focuses on management of 3 major long distance Greenways – Prague-Vienna, Krakow-Moravia-Vienna and Moravian Wine Trails, development of Rail-Trail program and certification scheme for bicycle friendly establishments Cyclists welcome. E.g. Prague Vienna Greenways is developed by an Association with NGO members (incl. cycling clubs), individual members and municipalities.

Short Summary

Main purpose of the Greenways and Mobility 21 programs is to promote cycling for daily use and leisure, natural and heritage preservation, traffic safety and improvement of services for bicyclists. Our role is also advocacy for non-motorized transport on national level, we work with traffic engineers on master plans for cycling in municipalities and regions. Our work is also part of the Czech National Strategy for Development of Cycling in regard to the development of long distance itineraries with neighboring countries, use of abandoned railways and improvement of conditions for cyclists (bicycle friendly establishments, signposting and amenities along our trails). We also organize conferences, excursions abroad, study tours along our Greenways and awards. We are part of the Central and Eastern European Greenways and members of the European Greenways association.

Example activities

NP is implementing the Bicyclists friendly certification in order to improve services for bicyclists. Our certification is based on ADFC model. Our goal is to have 1000 businesses certified by 2007 and to help extend this certification to other countries of the region. With railtrail program we are facilitating the process between key players – CD railway companies, regions and municipalities and analyzing the potential for trail development on abandoned railways. On main long distance trails we are cooperating with Greenways Travel Club which provides services to organized travelers along our Greenways. We also award best Greenways in CEE with Lawrence S. Rockefeller Award and best transport solution for municipalities with CZ Mobility Award. We also create partnerships with US trail organizations such as the East Coast Greenways Alliance or Hudson River Halley Greenways.