Novi Sad Cycling Initiative focuses on city cycling and public advocacy. NSBI has implemented numerous local actions and projects related to cycling and spread know-how to the cycling activists in Serbia. We have built large experience in independently organising massive cycling and festival-like events (“Towards a Humane city 2013“, monthly Critical Mass logistics etc.). In 2013 we have received VeloCity Cycling Visionaries Award in the public advocacy area. We have contributed in making of the draft for the new Road traffic safety law. NSBI is widely recognized by local community, cycling actors, decision makers and media. Geographically, the organisation mostly operates on the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (northern province in Serbia).

Structure of the organisation

Novi Sad Cycling Initiative (NSBI) is a registered non-government, non-profit, civil society organisation (with a constitution). The organization has a registered representative (president), 5 board members and an Assembly entirely comprised by members.