Short Summary

One Street is an international non-profit organization based in Prescott, Arizona, USA with a mission of serving leaders of organizations working to increase bicycling, including pedestrian, transit and social equity needs.


In order for bicycling to reach the forefront of society, each and every organization working to increase bicycling must operate at the highest standards of ethics and effective management. Our service towards this goal includes non-profits, for-profits and government agencies
In order for these organizations to operate at this high level of ethics and effective management, we guide their leaders towards a culture of kindness and respect in all of their actions
In order to be a model of such high ethical and management standards, One Street must continuously lift our own standards through discussions and research, forging new ground in ethical practices and delivering this guidance with kindness and respect to the leaders of organizations we serve.

Example activities

Our basic on-call support services are free to all leaders of organizations who are working to increase bicycling. Our funding comes from those who see the value in our work.

On-call Support – via phone, Skype and email, any leader can contact us for help through organizational emergencies, solving management issues, creating a winning campaign plan, and other basic needs
Social Bicycle Business – we are currently developing this program that will create replicable models for bike shops and bike suppliers owned and operated by local people in distressed areas of the world with the purpose of serving those in need
Leadership & Coaching Curriculum – we are developing a training manual and course curriculum for One Street coaches and others to learn the skills necessary to respond to organizational emergencies as well as guide leaders towards effectiveness, ethics and sustainability in their organizations.