Radlobby Österreich is the federation of all Austrian bicycle advocacy associations and was founded in January 2013 in Salzburg. We have in each federal province a Radlobby organisation, which obtains a seat in the board of Radlobby Österreich. Our members with legal entity are: ARGUS (Burgenland, Tyrol, Vienna & Vorarlberg), Radlobby Kärnten (Carinthia), Radlobby NÖ (Lower Austria), Radlobby OÖ (Upper Austria), Radlobby Salzburg, ARGUS Steiermark (Styria) and Radlobby.IGF (Vienna).

Radlobby Österreich lobbys for better conditions in all relevant fields connected with cycling: laws, infrastructure, budgets, culture and awareness. Radlobby has 6,000 members, but represents 2 million cyclists in Austria – a growing number.

Our four fields of action can be defined as:

  • representing the interests of everyday cyclists in political committees on national level as well as by public relations
  • developing nationwide campaigns and projects as well as activities on regional and local levels to increase the modal share of cycling
  • offering cycling trainings and traffic planning consulting services to increase security and comfort for cyclists
  • engaging in cycling tourism as experts and offering common cyclings tours