Individual members. Some local groups in the largest cities. Most of the work is done at national level. At the head office in Oslo there are 8 employees. Our magazine «På sykkel» has five issues yearly, and each issue is printed in 16.000 copies. At the head office we have a shop where we sell cycling-maps, -books, -equipment, folding bicycles and bicycle trailers. We introduced the bicycle trailer in Norway 15 years ago, and it has been a great success.

Short Summary

The main purpose is to promote cycling for daily use and leisure. We are working with politicians and traffic planners at local, regional and national level. Syklistenes Landsforening (SLF) is secretary for the National Network of Cycling Cities in Norway, with 50 members. We are one of the partners in the national cycling-to-work campaign. We publish electronically newsletters every month about cycling tourism and for the National Network of Cycling Cities.

Example activities

SLF is secretary for the National Network of Cycling Cities in Norway. SLF is organizing the National Cycling Conference in Norway every second year, with approximately 200 delegates from all over the country. SLF is testing cycle routes for vacation/leisure, and publishes the results every year. We play a central role in the development of a cycling routes in Norway, and in the work to improve standards for cycle routes, cycle roads and -lanes. An important issue is to change the legislation to give better conditions to cycling.