TCC is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation with currently a committee of 11 members (15 maximum) who meet bimonthly and 3 full-time staff. (Although TCC is not registered with the government, its formation is recognized as a liberty under paragraph one in Section 64 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2550 [2007])

With a Vision that cycling and walking is popular in Thailand, TCC sets as its Mission to advocate for policies, laws, mechanisms and structure that promote, support and facilitate walking and cycling in daily life, while changing values and behaviours of people in Thailand to walk and cycle regularly.


Examples of activities up till now include street campaign demanding rights of cycle users, petition letters to government agencies, political parties and international organizations (e.g. UNFCCC), ‘Bicycle Recycling Project’ of which TCC asked for donations of, and repaired, used bicycles to be given to poor children in rural areas to ride to school, cycling trips to raise funds for social welfare and environment conservation activities, and to promote cycle ecotourism, supporting local government and groups to build ‘Cycling Community’, supporting schools to develop cycling promotion activities including ‘Bike To School’ scheme, supporting networks of pedestrians and cycle users groups at provincial and national levels, research on factors that support or hinder cycling in daily life and on universal design of pedestrian ways for all, design contest on ‘cycle support system’ and photo contest on ‘desirable pedestrian ways’, advocating walking and cycling in national bodies and master plans (e.g. National Health Assembly, Master Plan on Sustainable Transport, and Master Plan on Climate Change), and website, social media and publications to promote walking and cycling