The Cycling Club “Vänta Aga” was founded in 1979, when a group of four alumni of the University of Tartu decided to set out on a bike trip to discover more distant lands. Cycling trips have continued each year. All the continents have been visited except for the Antarctic.

Short Summary

In more recent times the Club has taken part in many biking skills competitions, contributed to the organisation of urban bicycle traffic, been the initiator and implementer of a network of cycling routes in Estonia, participated in the activities of the European Cyclists’ Federation and been involved in the team of initiators of the EuroVelo project.

Example activities

  • Tours and trips
  • Biking skills competitions
  • Initiatives for organising urban bicycle traffic
  • Participation in the EuroVelo project
  • EstoVelo cycling routes
  • Sign standards, installation and maintenance of signposts
  • Maps and tourist guides
  • BaltiCCycle
  • Member of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).
  • Urban bicycle traffic

Members of the Club brought the experiences gathered on their trips to their hometowns. The main focus of their activity has been Tartu, where the first bike path scheme was born in 1990 on the initiative and with the involvement of “Vänta Aga”. The scheme has served as a basis for new, improved schemes. “Vänta Aga” is the partner in Bypad Platform project.

EstoVelo Biking routes

In cooperation with the Road Administration, “Vänta Aga” developed to the currently effective cycling route signposting standard in Estonia.

The signs standing on Estonian cycling routes have mostly been installed by the Cycling Club “Vänta Aga”. By the end of 2004 twenty-four routes with a total length of 3,700 km have been signposted with a total of 3,080 signs.

Maps and tourist guides

The first cycling map of Estonia was published in 2001 as a joint effort of Cycling Club “Vänta Aga” and the cartography company “EO Map”.

Newer products have been developed in cooperation with the cartography company Regio.


BaltiCCycle is a project launched by cyclists’ associations in the Baltic countries, under which two international biking tours on the Baltic sections of EuroVelo routes were held in 2001 and 2002. In Estonia, the tours were organised by Cycling Club “Vänta Aga”.