srael Bicycle Association (IBA, Yisrael Bishvil Ofanayim) is a non-governmental-organization which promotes Bicycle as a major means of transportation within towns and cities in Israel.

Israel Bicycle Association (IBA), has been advocating since 1994 the transformation of urban cycling from a mere dream to a legitimate mode of transport in cities in Israel.

IBA addresses the issue at different levels of top-down and bottom-up strategies.

Membership in IBA was free till last month but since last March there is a member fee. IBA has some 50 registered members who generate the core of its activities and our local teams of volunteers act to promote commuting and transportation in their communities, and thematic teams address issues such as planning, public policies, health promotion, media and internet, public events, connectivity with public transport, education and business sector relations.

Partnership with ECF is essential for learning and acquiring new tools and strategies for the advancement and development of cycling as a mode of transport in Israel. It will inspire and support our local activities in giving them an ‘official stamp’ when approaching decision makers, especially in light of Israel’s applications to the OECD. Furthermore, partnership in the ECF will mediate in promoting cycling in Arab towns and cities in Israel. We believe that our campaigns (such as amending the Helmet bill) can assist other members of the ECF.

Example activities

  • Public activity to increase awareness of the benefits of Bicycle Transportation, such as initiating and partaking in large public events, urban cycling tours, and monthly ‘Critical Mass’ rides in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and several other cities.
  • Promoting legislation encouraging Bicycle Transportation: “The Bicycle Transportation Encouragement Bill” recently passed its first reading in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). The bill comprehensively addresses the promotion of cycling as a means of transportation in Israel
  • Cooperation with the Ministries of Transportation, Internal Affairs, Housing, Finance, Environment and Health to promote Bicycle Transportation and its infrastructure in towns and cities
  • Supplying guidance to local municipalities as well as to local residents’ organizations in order to develop Bicycle Transportation by joining together professional volunteers from different fields such as Urban planning, engineering, health, media and social work
  • Initiating and implementing ‘Ride to Work’ , ‘Safe Routes to School’ , ‘Bike Road Safety’ and ‘Preventing Bike Theft’ projects with a multi-disciplinary team of partners
  • Lobbying for the amendment the ‘Helmet Bill’ which passed 2 years ago in the Israeli Parliament.