Here you can search for Programs that are being developed and delivered around the world.

We define Programs primarily as activities that seek to achieve behaviour change and deliver greater access and equality to bicycling. Examples of this include education programs within school and Bike to Work projects.

Bikes Palya

Bikes Palya (BP) is a bike education program for youth and communities. The program offers improved education, social, health and wellbeing ...


Cycle Friendly Employer Certification

The CFE- certification scheme was developed to establish a European standard for cycle friendly companies. It is intended to help European ...


Cykelfrämjandet: E-bike Advocacy

The Swedish Government has presented a budget for 2018 that includes a 25% subsidy for all e-bike sales until 2020. This is a spectacular success ...


FUB: Parlons Vélo

The ECF French member organisation, FUB, achieved great success with their advocacy activities and specifically the campaign 'Parlons Vélo' ...


Czech Cyclists Federation: The Cyclelobarometer

The Czech Cyclists Federation have introduced the Cyclelobarometer, an innovative way to determine the country’s best cycling cities. A survey ...


ADFC Germany: Fahrradklima-Test

The ADFC recently introduced the Fahrradklima-Test, the largest test of its kind, ranking 539 German cities on the feedback from 120,000 ...


Radlobby Austria: 'Vote for bicycles' and 'The golden spoke'

Austria has seen two grassroots democracy campaigns pushed by Radlobby to show their citizens how cycling friendly their politicians and ...


Fietsberaad Bike Week

The FietsTelweek is a massive drive for cyclist related data run by the Flemish government. During a week in September 2018, the authorities in ...


Gracq Trainings: Cycling in Traffic

The Gracq training programme in Brussels is a fantastic volunteer organised training session to help cyclists feel more at ease cycling on roads. ...


Finnish Cyclists Federation: Immigrants for Bicycles

The Finnish Bike Association, ECF’s Finnish member, have been running a cycle training workshop for migrants in the country since 2013. The ...