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Here you can search for Research and Knowledge that is being developed and delivered around the world.

We define Research and Knowledge as activities that highlight the depth of academic work undertaken in the field of bicycling worldwide. Research refers to academic studies, journals, papers and other areas of academic inquiry that leads to new knowledge, materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions which can be used to inform the cycling community.

Quantifying CO2 savings of cycling

Between 1990 and 2007, greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the EU increased by 36%, while greenhouse gas emissions from other sectors ...


Cycling towards a more sustainable transport future

As argued in our 2008 article “Making Cycling Irresistible”, cycling is probably the most sustainable urban transport mode, feasible not only for ...


Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality: prospective cohort study

Physical activity is declining worldwide, partly owing to reductions in active commuting (walking or cycling).Active commuting has been ...


Peak of the Day or the Daily Grind: Commuting and Subjective Well-Being

To understand the impact of daily travel on personal and societal well-being, researchers are developing measurement techniques that go beyond ...


Does active commuting improve psychological wellbeing? Longitudinal evidence from eighteen waves of the British Household Panel Survey

Objective. The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between active travel and psychological wellbeing. Method. This study used data ...


Major features of immunesenescence, including reduced thymic output, are ameliorated by high levels of physical activity in adulthood

It is widely accepted that aging is accompanied by remodelling of the immune system including thymic atrophy and increased frequency of senescent ...


Properties of the vastus lateralis muscle in relation to age and physiological function in master cyclists aged 55–79 years

In this study, results are reported from the analyses of vastus lateralis muscle biopsy samples obtained from a subset (n = 90) of 125 previously ...


When the spin stops…it’ s more than a bike race : an exploratory study of the role of a sport tourism event, the Tour Down Under, in building social capital in rural South Australia

When the spin stops…it’s more than a bike race: An exploratory study of the role of a sport tourism event, the Tour Down Under, in building ...


Reduced sickness absence in regular commuter cyclists can save employers 27 million euros

Employees who cycle regularly to work are less frequently ill, with on average more than one day per year less absenteeism than colleagues who do ...


Bicycle infrastructure: can good design encourage cycling?

Commuting by bicycle has advantages over other modes of transport, both for the commuter and for society. Although cycling is an option for many ...